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How to make your bedroom more sensual

Sensuality and elegance go hand in hand. And as far as the environment is concerned, too.

There are endless possibilities according to each personal style to create a truly sexy bedroom, without losing an apex of distinction.

It is important to plan if we want to create a general environment, or if we only want to prepare a particular moment. Depending on it we can play with the indirect lights and with our great ally: scented candles.

Our dear candles They have the peculiarity of being able to create a sober, solemn or sexy atmosphere based on small details such as the shape, composition, aroma or color.

Each person has one of the five senses more developed than the rest, so we will pay special care in trying to stimulate all of them, without recharging.

The bed in this aspect occupies a prominent place. The textiles that are chosen, their touch, composition and color, as well as the accessories, are of vital importance.

You have to play with the sheets, no matter the measure (150 sheets, Sabanas 135, Sabanas 105, Sabanas 90... any measure!). It is not necessary to be red satin sheets to create the perfect atmosphere, rather the opposite! Coral, beige, pink and orange tones soft, provide well -being and visual freshness.

If you have a wide window, potentiate it with Even night and day, which brings discretion without giving up luminosity, separating indiscreet looks but letting natural light pass.

At this point, we cannot forget the versatility of plants and music. With these two small accessories we can create a completely different atmosphere for each moment.

Remember that aromatherapy is another great ally. Smell stimulates the brain in a very direct way. Essence diffusers are economical, pleasant and have a small size. Do not forget to choose quality essences, do not abuse chemicals. Mikado with aromas such as the orange blossoms are especially attractive. These odors are powerful and if we combine them with the rest of the mentioned details they can have aphrodisiac qualities. They are ideal to give a subtle touch instead of mixing or recharging the stay.

On the other hand, a standing mirror that reflects part of the bed, will enhance the feeling of amplitude and will give you an interesting aura.

Taking into account the particular taste of each person, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, create a light and cozy atmosphere, not overload and use textiles in pleasant and soft tones, with good quality materials, as cotton is undoubtedly. A correct pillow cover will boost this touch.

The rest is on account of the imagination ability we have, but keep in mind that there is nothing more sexy than having healthy self -esteem and knowing how to transmit our desires.

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