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How to make the summer to winter transition

Who has not happened to expect the arrival of summer and without realizing it has suddenly vanished? In the blink of an eye we are in early September without knowing at what time we have made this significant change.

And September is a magical month. For many it means the beginning of something new: illusion to start new challenges and hope in having new opportunities. For most of us it also means the entrance to a new station.

As every season, we prepare mentally to make the relevant changes in our closet and also in the decoration and textiles of our home. The arrival of a cooler climate, the warmth of the colors of autumn, the appearance of new flowers and fruits of the station or the reduction of sun hours in the day, leads us to implement certain modifications to be in tune with The natural world that surrounds us.

How to start the change of station in our home?

This is one of the most critical points and that is a greater effort because several aspects must be taken into account. However, there are many who enjoy making these changes and preparing their homes for a much more cozy era in which what you want is to stay at home.

At the decorative level:

  • In autumn and winter the presence of glass In the living room, bedroom or kitchen: vases can be used for plants, some bottle with stones in brown and raw decoration or centerpiece, etc.
  • Use floors All year in warm colors like a green bottle or a light brown. They will give an extra touch to your space and you will also feel a very natural peace oasis.
  • Decorate you kitchen room With a bowl of autumn fruits or all year as a centerpiece: a combination of bananas, grapes, pears and red apples will be perfect and attract very autumn sensations.
  • The cushions They are a key point in decoration. Your interior sofa or your outdoor sofa will need a change in cushions, sofa covers Y Plaids. We change the fresh and colorful cotton cushions for velvet cushions Garnet or Malva, for example. Or if we prefer, we can also give another touch to our sofa changing the cushions (well the own cushions for sofa waves cushion covers) From our sofa by others with feathers -shaped edges, which will give it a more autumnal, warmer air and with an extra sensation of texture. We add sofa covers warmer, soft and darker colors that invite you to relax. On the other hand, plaids also have a fundamental role as decoration. Cotton fabric and neutral or cake colors give way to the most comfortable blankets. One is the degradic, which thanks to its filling maintains body heat during the coldest months and another is the sherpa, whose shell reverse increases its warm effect. You will not want to move from the couch!
  • The Even Y curtains: There are many who also renew their curtains or blinds opting for less opaque tissues but more neutral colors. In this way, the sunlight can be better inside the house that tends to concentrate the cold more due to the low exterior temperatures.

At the bedding level:

The arrival of autumn also involves a change in bedding. The cotton sheets They become flannel sheets or coral. We started using Colchas Entremopo to cover the most refreshing nights and even the most cold ones will start using Ederedons.

On the other hand, there are few things that feel more when time is changing and the cold arrives, such as staying curled up and comfortable in the armchair or on the couch with a good warm blanket. To read, to be chatting, to watch television ... Give yourself a small whim and look for your sofa blankets Perfect for you and for those moments of relaxation that we all deserve.

Don't worry! All this is a complete but very progressive change. You can start by making very small modifications in your free time to gradually end up addressing all corners of the house. Cheer up and for it!

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