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7 ways to fight the Jet Lag

Today we are going to talk about how to fight the Jet lag. And travel is usually great. But when we go to another distant country, we usually have to face the change of time, with the consequent and frustrating Jet Lag. All people work with our own "internal clock" or circadian rhythm, our own natural system to regulate the biological cycles of our body and the moments in which we are used to eating, to sleep ...

And that's how we regulate during the day and night. That is why when we add or subtract hours when traveling, the inevitable Jet Lag effect occurs. Inevitable because a concrete formula has not yet been found so as not to notice its effects. Of course, not all people affect the same. The effects can range from leaving us slightly misplaced during the first days to provoking insomnia, fatigue and headaches.

How to fight the Jet Lag

The fact is that we travel by vacation, work or studies, it is not fun to stay a few days with the feeling of being out of time, since it affects our ability to concentrate.

As we said, there is no method to avoid the possible effects of the Jet LAG, but we can take into account some considerations.

Fight the jet lag

The first thing we can do when trying to avoid the Jet LAG is to anticipate it. In general, most trips are done in advance, so it is important to try to adapt slightly to our next schedule. During the three or four days before the trip, we have to do our best to go to bed every day a little earlier (or a little later, depending on our destination and its time difference).

It is very important that during the course of our trip we will try to adjust to the destination schedule. The easiest way to do it is to try to sleep as much as possible during the journey. It is a good way to "deceive" a little to our body.

Another advice that we can give you and that often does not usually take into account, is to remain well hydrated. Altitude and trip itself can make our body require more liquids.

The lights also play a leading role. If we have a propensity to suffer Jet Lag and affects us, we try to habituate our mind a bit with strong lights or avoid all possible light, according to the occasion. For example, if it is day and our metabolism believes that it should be at night, we can rest a little with the advantages and the lights off, or on the contrary. Playing with these details can make the adaptation process more bearable.

Before your trip and during the same, the food you choose can also help you.

How to fight the jetlag

For example, the previous days be sure to feed yourself with enough fruits and vegetables rich in water (melon, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, grapes ...) and in melatonin, as is the case of cherries, strawberries or banana. Rice, oatmeal and other nuts are also a good source of natural melatonin that will help us more easily reconcile sleep.

During a long trip, it is inevitable to chop between hours. Take this moment and do not fall into the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats, industrial pastries, chucheías or any other ultraprocess. The last thing you want is to add stomach discomfort to your Jet Lag. Wife, fresh fruit, natural juices or dehydrated vegetables can be a good alternative.

To these basic advice we want to add something more unknown but highly effective: the use of essential oils during the trip.

There is a very effective combination that you can mix in a spray boat and apply on your wrists and temples during the trip:

In 10 ml of a vegetable oil base (almonds, for example) adds:

  • 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil
  • 3 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops of mental essential oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil

Essential oils will help you reduce the Jet LAG and find yourself better during the journey.

Do not forget to also carry an essential cream or oil for tired legs. Once you reach your destination, apply the product you have chosen to reactivate the leg circulation. After so many hours sitting, try to keep them high at least a few minutes.

The Jet LAG or any physical stress weakens our defenses, so that you are not unsuspecting you can take a few days before, during and after your equinaceous trip and vitamin C.

Green leafy vegetables, ginger and mushrooms will also encourage your immune system to be strengthened.

Use on the way a comfortable clothes and perspire correctly, carry with you a small blanket, chal or big handkerchief to cover you and not cool if there are temperature changes.

With these tips, patience, a good book and a good music playlist, the trip will be much more bearable.

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