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How to make the most of your morning routine

Personal care has become a fundamental part of our own mental well -being. But do we dedicate enough time? The world is increasingly changing and usually we can afford more and more time to ourselves, from the moment we wake up. Today we are going to talk about how to make the most of and establish our own morning routine.

Even if we only have a few minutes throughout the day, maintain a good routine when getting out of bed will establish that we deserve that priority. We deserve to take care of ourselves. Has it never happened to you that you have been embelceded under the water in the shower without being any special day? You have simply managed to relax as soon as you start the day, forgetting everything a few moments, without more. These special minutes are what we have to take advantage of when we start our daily routine. Let's see how to do it easily without finishing coming to class or work!

Morning routine: start taking care of yourself in your day to day

Start moving

It is good to have some routines when we go to bed and rest, but it is no less important to start the day with a lot of energy and tranquility. To achieve this, the most important thing is to look for a motivation that makes us jump out of bed and get up soon. And nothing how to exercise to clear us. You don't need to run several kilometers! How about yoga or meditation sessions? Following some videos with guidelines and routines can help us a lot, especially during the first days, until we establish that custom. The objective is to activate our circulation and clear us, not to start the morning with sleep, nor stay in bed wasting our time looking at the mobile phone.

A comfortable bathrobe

It looks like a small detail without importance, but we can assure you that it is not. After doing some small morning activity when we wake up, there is nothing like a good shower. And after the shower, few things can match the comforting sensation of wrapping you in a good bathrobe. Of course, don't keep anyone. Choose a Upper bathrobe, an cotton bathrobeMaybe a Personalized bathrobe... In short, one with whom you comfort you, dry and also hug. Understand and internalize that you deserve it and you will see how this small detail can mark the beginning of your day, of course for the better.

Breakfast with energy

You may feel like enjoying more moments of your soft bathrobe While you prepare breakfast. As in the previous point, do not satisfy yourself. It is not about swelling to drink unhealthy food, but to take an instant to take care and eat well. Do you like coffee? Prepare a good cup and add what you like. Do you prefer a smoothie to give you all the energy you need to start the morning? Prepare it conscientiously, without staying halfway. Do what makes you most illusion and help you face the day. If we have all the ingredients ready, it will take very little to prepare it every morning. Take that gift.

Make a daily pause

Throughout the day, look for another small hole even if you are away from home for you. Even if they are only a few minutes: try to meditate, to read a book that you really want, to listen to your favorite song ... no matter how you have two minutes, the important thing is to take advantage of them. No telephones, emails, or social networks.

Date priority to you and you can face your work better, it will be easier to organize and more difficult to fall into stress or emotional exhaustion to which the routine can push us.

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