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Hang, cover and roll: How to exhibit your bath towels

The lovers of interior design are always up to date with seasonal trends to decorate their home with the most top designs. Not only in spaces such as living room, kitchen or bedroom. There are also other spaces such as the bathroom, which can be taken a lot and can be transformed into a boom of decoration and style.

We can choose to paint the walls in pleasant tones that make us feel at ease and relax Wicker baskets Or raffia and many more things!

The Bath towels fundamental in the decoration of this space. The way we hang them, roller or how we exhibit them says a lot about us; If we are careful and detailed or, on the contrary, more abandoned. We leave you some ideas below!

  • Towels in baskets: Role your cotton towels and put them in the basket vertically. This will be easier for you to take one when you need. They can have different sizes and colors. The important thing is that it is easier for you to find the one you are looking for.
  • Hang your towels on the radiator / staircase: Many bathrooms use radiators /staircase on the bathroom walls. It is the perfect way to dry them after a wash while serving as decoration. Dabla them in half and leave them hanging in a shelf.
  • Wooden shelves: It is the simplest and most common way to save your Bathroom towels. You can do it by size, colors and collections to find them faster.
    Keep in mind that there are also hanging shelves that, while giving a different touch to the bathroom, can be very useful to occupy those corners that are empty and little used.
  • Bathroom: Another of the most common forms in which you can save these articles. If you use a closed closet, the towels are not seen, so we recommend a furniture in wood, clear or dark to store them since they combine better with a neutral bath style. You can fold them square or rolled to gain space.
  • Towers: The towelters can be wall, where you can leave your colors colors smooth or print, American curl towels either cotton towels.
    You can also use a furniture with wheels where you have all stacked in the form of tower along with the essentials: shampoo, sponge, gel and aromatic soaps, bath salts and body creams.

Lanz, and give life to your ideas! You can try combinations as simple as these or new ones. Inspir and take a game to your bathroom and to your towels!

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