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Cotton sheets: How often washed?

In the same way that we take care of our clothes, the one with which we dress daily, we should also give importance to take care and keep our bedding. And taking care of it implies keeping it clean and careful, trying to last as long as possible. That is why today we are going to focus specifically on the cotton sheets.

And it is that a question that people usually ask is how often the cotton sheets should be washed. As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, the cotton sheets have the peculiarity of becoming softer over time, instead of the contrary. Of course, as long as we wash them following some guidelines.

cotton sheets

Basic cotton sheets

Although it does not seem, the reality is that many people do not realize to do something as basic as reading the product label. Reading is something basic, because this label contains information contrasted by the manufacturer itself, so it gives us first -hand details that can help us take care and preserve our sheets. So this would be the first step! Read them and take into account any specific consideration, as well as the type of cotton with which they have been made (satén, percal ...).

What regularity should we wash the cotton sheets?

So what would be the appropriate washing frequency for cotton sheets? Well, regardless of the cotton type of our sheets, as a rule, we can guarantee good hygiene if we wash them approximately once a week. Of course, this includes washing the full sheet game: the lower sheets, the countertop sheets and the pillow covers. Often the pillow covers are not washed as often as the rest of the pieces, and this is still an error, especially if we take into account that the pillow covers are in direct contact with our skin.

Therefore it is no longer important, but practically essential, to have at least another game of replacement sheets.

cotton sheets

Washing is fundamental, but not everything

Cotton is a fabric that has been highlighted for a long time (and continues to do it!). And this is largely thanks to its natural breathability, as well as to be elegant and require little maintenance. Regardless of whether we look for some economic sheets or luxury sheets, if we take the trouble to take care of them and wash them correctly we will have a good guarantee to ensure that they last for many years.

But attention, because in the same way we know that the sheets of cotton They become more and softer over time and as we are using and washing them, it is still true that they can also be discolored or becoming more yellow more clear. This is a direct consequence of direct contact with our own body sweat, as well as possible oils and creams that we use to take care of our skin. The best way to prevent this from happening is precisely washing them with the appropriate frequency.

Of course, now we know that it is convenient to wash our cotton sheets with a more or less weekly regularity, but not everything is reduced to the washing frequency! To keep them well cared for, details such as the drying process, the treatment of certain spots, how to save them, the washing temperature to prevent them from shrinking ...

We encourage you to remain attentive to our blog for more advice on the care of your home clothes!

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