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Bathroom carpets: comfort and safety

Bathroom carpets, an essential element that can also give us a lot of play

The bathroom of our home should be our most private and intimate space, even ahead of our bedroom. A place where we clean and relax, without major distractions or worries. But to achieve this purpose, it is essential that we can really feel at ease in it, as well as that he has everything necessary. That is why today we want to talk to you bathroom carpets, an essential element.


One of the main uses that most people give to bathroom carpets It is to avoid leaving a little water puddle on the floor every time we leave a bath or shower. And because of their composition, most of them are very absorbent and prevent this from happening. But beyond avoiding leaving water on the floor, bathroom carpets also provide an non -slip surface to avoid slipping (and even today, many tiles are quite slippery when they are wet or directly wet).

In short, a bathroom carpet will allow us not to splash the floor or dirty the bathroom, avoiding having to clean it or dry it after using it or leaving moisture from which bacteria or even mold may end up emerging.

However, beyond these functions that we can consider basic, a bathroom carpet can also be perfectly a decorative and differentiating element for our bathroom. With approximate measures of 40 x 60 cm. For the most part, and their generally rectangular format, the carpets fit and are practices for both very spacious bathrooms and for those that are smaller, either when giving them use or at the time of saving them.

While it is true that there is currently a huge range of bathroom carpets, made of the most diverse materials (there are even bamboo), if what we are looking for is something practical and works, an excellent option would be to opt for a bathing cotton. Thanks to cotton, they have an exceptional capacity for moisture absorption, but they are also very durable and pleasant to contact our skin.

And if we are one of those who give special importance to this last point and smoothly, we should not stop taking into account the microfiber bathroom carpets. They have a very warm touch and dry really fast.

When drying them, we also have the option to dry them with the dryer, something especially recommended when we wash them (yes, always at low temperature). In the event that we use them daily, something frequent, it would be convenient to wash them once a week to maintain good hygiene.

As we indicated, the bathroom carpets are not only essential, but they are also a great way to give a personal, differentiating and decorative touch to our bathroom.

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