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9 Characteristics of the 500 grams towel

Did you know that for a towel to be considered of good quality, it must have at least 400 grams of thickness? If you exceed this figure then we are talking about higher level towels, such as 500 grams towels, which have very specific characteristics and numerous benefits. We tell you next!

  1. Softness and spongy: It is one of the first things we look at when we buy a new towel game. We want the touch to be soft and spongy because that surrounding effect is what makes us feel comfortable and careful after a bathroom. 500 grams bath towels are suitable for feeling this softness.
  2. The tissue: towels can be cotton, linen, microfiber or other natural fibers. A 100% cotton 500 grams that does not mix another type of tissues will provide you with a better skin drying.
  3. Density: A greater thickness, greater absorption capacity. This type of bath towels will prevent wet parts of your body and bacterial irritations or problems such as the appearance of fungi.
  4. Durability: If you are looking for a towel game to be durable and that you do not spoil you must opt ​​for a 500 grams towel game. So much without they Big bath towels as little bets on the safe and what resists better over the years. You will save time and money.
  5. Towel style: It is one of the aspects in which we most attracts attention when we buy a towel. And it is that in the market there is a wide variety of styles! From smooth towels, prints, raw, soft or more aggressive colors. Choose the one that best suits you and your bathroom if you want to give you that special touch you are looking for.
  6. Variety: Experts consider that we must not miss more than seven days to wash a towel to which daily and continuous use is made. That is why you need to have spare towels. A complete towel game normally includes three or four types of different towels such as: Large bath towels, sink towels, or smaller towels.
  7. Washed: Good quality towels do not need softening because they are already soft, thanks to the materials with which they have been manufactured, their fabrics and composition. You did not know? You can wash them only with a little detergent and they will be perfect!
  8. Drying: Having a thicker fabric are easier to dry. The time it takes to do so is about 4 to 8 hours, according to the time of year and if we dry them in dryer or outdoors.
  9. Storage: Soft and spongy towels such as 500 grams are more harmonious when you store them in your bathroom. You can use a basket or leave them on a well -placed shelf, in the form of roll or envelope. The effect it produces is the bathroom full of comfort that invites you to take a shower and relax.

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