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8 tips to decorate our new home

Moving from home usually involves a small annoyance that we have all had to face. But it also entails a positive part: take the opportunity to decorate our new home. Often, due to the circumstances of life, we see you in the situation of having to move with great speed, or we may have to change our location for a period of three months. All these details are secondary, what really matters is to never give up decorating our new stay.

That is why today we are going to leave you with quick and simple tips that should be taken into account when decorating and giving that personal touch what will be our new home, in the simplest way possible. Let us begin!

Decorate our new home: an inventory of our belongings

The first thing that should be done before moving, is a complete and detailed list of our objects and belongings. What objects are essential? What are those that really have the ability to make us feel in our own home? It may be that family picture, or that photograph that means so much for us, or that plaid, that cattle traps, that cup that we always have in our desk and that we have almost turned into multipurpose ...

Let's take the opportunity to get rid of everything we don't really use. We often keep by keeping, just in case. As we always say: less is more. So the time to make an inventory is perfect to also do a good cleaning!

decorate our new home

Decorate our new home: a question of priorities

Are we going to take some furniture with us? It is important to be clear if we truly need. And if you are going to fit in our new house! We must always look for functionality, avoiding excessive recharging. Being practical is key.

Decorate our new home: the touch of home clothes

If where we move there, there is already a bed, sofa, armchairs, etc., and we have to make use of them regardless of whether they are our liking, we do not have to give up giving it that personal touch. Here plays a determining role in home clothes: Colchas, Mantas, Plaids, cushions... Everything we need to harmonious aesthetically. Because it is worth not to spare when acquiring utensils, and having the feeling that we are opening a house.

Decorate our new home: betting on pastel tones

Of course, in the case of the walls, we will not always have the opportunity to paint them. Only in long and concrete stays. But if we can bet on pastel colors, we will verify that they are quite easy to combine with a wide assortment of furniture and with our own home clothes.

Decorate our new home: a minimalist style

Let us have at all times what we need (and of course, what we do not need). It is not necessary to curtail the house with items that we will only use occasionally (and sometimes not even that). Let us surround ourselves only from what is useful to us: maybe a desk, a small shelf, an armchair ...

Decorate our new home: taking advantage of natural light

Lighting is always key. There are houses that are brighter than others, but as far as possible, we must try to take advantage of natural light, placing our furniture based on it. Regardless of this, if we have to play with artificial lights, let's think very well where we are interested in placing them.

Decorating our new home: our bedroom, our sanctuary

Without having to give up the minimalist style that we mentioned before, and how well it would also fit our bedroom, we can always afford “an extra” in our own room. An armchair with your blanket? Some cushions that really fall in love? In our hand is!

Decorating our new home: the personal touch

There are details that transcend the decoration. These are practically objects of power, like that poster that we had hung in our room so many years, those music cds that always accompany us (although we no longer listen to music in CD!), Or especially that book that changed our lives and that we are always willing to browse again.

We hope that these little tips are useful for you when making an express decoration!

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