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7 Curiosities about sleeping naked

Most studies determine that it is vital to sleep from 7 to 9 hours, in age stripes from 18 to 64 years, and from 7 to 8 hours from 65 years. However, for some people, achieving a repair dream of so many hours in a row is not an easy task. Luckily for us, improving our sleep quality and resting better directly is much simpler than you would expect.

All people spend many hours from our life in bed. Isn't it enough reason to try to do it in the best possible way? Next we will review some of the main bare sleeping benefits. And it is as simple as undressing at bedtime without clothes. Of course, sleeping without clothes does not imply that we do without the bedding, rather the opposite. So it is worth choosing it well and looking for most cotton fabrics, more breathable and pleasant to direct contact with our skin.

1. Greater self -esteem

Something as simple as sleeping without clothes on can help us feel better with ourselves and increase our trust. Different studies have concluded that remaining naked can help us have a more positive body image and improve our self -esteem. And there is nothing better than seeing our body as it is to accept ourselves as we are. And what better time to remain naked than at bedtime?

2. Help lose weight

This particular point is quite curious. We know that to bed soon and maintain a routine involves numerous and important benefits for our health, including better control our weight. Well, sleeping without clothes at night could also help us with that. And some studies have determined that if we maintain our fresh body while we sleep, metabolism accelerates. In this way, our body can focus on creating appropriate fat according to temperature and helps regulate our body level. Also at this point it is important to emphasize again the importance of choosing quality cotton sheets, so that they have the maximum possible breathability, because during the dream our body will generate a certain humidity.

3. Take care of your skin

A reparative dream also improves the health of our skin, helping our body producing collagen, which keeps our skin flexible and soft. When we do not rest well or do it with stress, the body can have problems to generate collagen and this shows quickly on the skin. In the event that we have sensitive skin, it is especially important to wrap ourselves with sheets that do not irritate us. In fact it is recommended for everyone, regardless of our skin type and their sensitivity, since it helps rest. We often do not know how to invest in a comfortable pajamas, but we do not realize that looking for a Soft and breathable sheet set it's more important.

4. Eliminate toxins

While we sleep, our body has the ability to filter and eliminate toxins. This is one of the reasons that make it so important to rest well. Also in this aspect it helps us reduce the internal temperature of the body when resting, and for this there is nothing better or as simple as partially or totally reduce the amount of clothing we carry when we are in bed.

5. Reduce stress

Since sleeping without clothes helps us achieve a deeper and more reparative dream, if we suffer stress or since sleeping without clothes helps us to reach a deeper and deeper dream, if we suffer stress or anxiety we can notice that By sleeping naked these decrease. And when resting better, we will not only help control them during sleep time, but we will notice during our day to day.

6. Improve our intimacy

Cuacuando we sleep naked in the company of our partner, not only increase the chances of having sex, it also helps us to release oxytocin. This hormone will reduce our feeling of stress, and make us feel greater security and relaxation. The skin contact with the skin or with an extremely pleasant fabric is very positive to have a feeling of peace, well -being and to reinforce the link with our partner. Try to wrap your body with a Manta Flannel Sherpa Shadow When resting and you will tell us how.

The skin contact with the skin is very positive to have a feeling of peace, well -being and to reinforce the link with our partner.

7. Less lazy

There are those who wear their pajamas early and seem to enter a state of "being at a quiet house." All that leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. Likewise, there are those who stay for a while with the pajamas on, quietly. If we do not wear sleeping clothes, we have no excuses of "being with the pajamas" or "still with the pajamas."

When we feel good, everything changes. Increase our trust, our resistance, we are in a better humor, we have more patience with people and it seems that everything does better. In short, we are happier. And sometimes we can win some dots of happiness in a simple way. Not worth it?

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