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6 Advantages of sleeping nap

You have eaten a little, the afternoon is starting and you begin to notice a feeling of drowsiness. It happened to you, right? Of course! It has happened to everyone. It is the nap that is calling us. That is why today we are going to talk about some of the advantages of sleeping the nap.

Sleeping siesta is somewhat "very Spain", to the point that in the Valencian people of Adorn, it is almost sacred since 2015, keeping silent from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. so that all its inhabitants can practice it and rest. However, it is also increasingly common to see how nap is practiced in other Latin American countries, or even in China or the Philippines.

And it is that sleeping a little at the time of the nap has enough important benefits on our body, but also on our mind. Let's review the most outstanding!


Advantages of sleeping: improves our memory

According to several studies on the nap, when we practice it, part of the data and information we receive throughout the day go from being located in the hippocampus to do so in the Neocortex. From there, our brain has a better capacity to access this information (come on, that things are not forgotten so easily).

Advantages of sleeping: We learn faster

Not only does our memory improve. If we are of exams or with job training, it is worth stop studying for at least 30 minutes and dedicate them to the nap. When we rest, our brain can relocate and even get rid of information that we do not need, being better prepared to receive and retain new data.

Advantages of sleeping: Help our defenses

Resting a little after food helps our body to stay in balance, allowing you during the break to dedicate time to reinforce our own immune system. If for any reason we cannot sleep enough at night, either in a timely or usual way, nothing like a nap to compensate and rest the minimum hours necessary.

Advantages of sleeping

Advantages of sleeping: reduces our stress level

The days we are really exhausted, we can afford to make a longer nap, up to three quarters of an hour. This nap will help us reduce our stress level. This in turn will allow our body to stop hypertension by reducing blood pressure, something that our heart will undoubtedly appreciate.

Advantages of sleeping: It allows us to better control our emotions

According to different studies, there is a point while we are entering the "nap mode" in which, almost unconsciously, we mentally review our day -to -day experiences. This can be of great help to better process our emotions, from a calmer perspective, taking greater control over our reactions and our decisions.

Advantages of sleeping: It gives us a better mood

Have you not noticed how our mood changes those days in which we have been able to practice nap? In general we are less irritable and we feel with better humor. It is something that we can appreciate at any age, from children to the elderly. The explanation is simple: when resting, our brain recovers its serotonin levels, increasing our general welfare state.

The nap is recommended whether we do physical exercise and if we make an intellectual effort. If we need to recharge energies, there is nothing like a nap, replaced the consumption of coffee or energy drinks to stimulate us.

How long should the nap last?

Usually, a nap should last between 20 and 30 minutes. A 45 -minute nap would be for cases where we have really accumulated a lot of fatigue, since exceeding could lead to revealing us at night, becoming more bad than good. We can do it in the bed, in the armchair, on the couch or where it is most practical.

Good nap!

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