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6 warm -free sleep tips

Rest well is essential to maintain good health and work performance. But sometimes, when the cold squeezes more, as it does these days, it is more complicated to have a repair dream. Today we are going to leave 6 tips to sleep warm without heating. Because yes, it is clear that leaving heating overnight is the easiest way to keep the room hot. But we may not have this possibility or have more respect for the invoice than the cold itself.


Few things are as unpleasant as getting into a cold bed on those nights in which temperatures are especially low. We can heat the inside of the bed first with a thermal bag, but in the case of not having one, we can directly use a bottle full of hot water (always well closed!). There are also bags that can heat up to the microwave or even in a pan, and that are usually composed of olive bones or cherry bones, which keep the heat greatly.

Heating tips without heating

Heating tips without heating: away our bed from the windows

As a general rule, the windows will always be the coldest part of our room, because through the crystals it always ends up getting some cold from the outside. That is why whenever possible, it would be important to avoid having the bed near the windows. Even if we only move it from its location during the coldest weeks of the year, if we can, let's try to keep it as far as possible from the windows. And if we have a possibility, keeping them isolated.

Heating tips without heating: use curtains

Even if we do everything possible to keep the bed as far away from the windows, it is also important to always keep the blinds down once the sunlight has left, as well as make use of curtains In order to prevent part of the cold of the street from ending easily in the room.

Heating tips without heating: shelter with a warm pajamas or several layers

This point would be fundamental. Habrigate with a good warm pajamas when we go to sleep, those thick. If necessary or if we do not have a pajamas that copes enough, we will have to wear an inner shirt.

Sleep warm without heating

Heating tips without heating: use socks

Along with the pajamas, nothing like some warm socks To help us keep heat. And it is that the feet and hands are the main parts of our body by which we lose heat. If we sleep with socks on the coldest days, we will avoid losing a good part of this body heat.

Heating tips without heating: Invest in warm bedding

You have to choose the bedding that we are going to use to cover ourselves: the blankets, the Ederedons, the Colchas, the sheets ... a warm bedding is the easiest way to keep heat during the night. It is worth investing in them without skimming.

Other tips

For those nights that we know they will be especially cold, we can follow other small additional tips, such as keeping the door of the closed room or making use of a humidifier (with somewhat more humid air, we will have a greater sense of warmth). Before going to sleep, there is nothing like having a good shower or a very warm bath. And when we leave, we can take an infusion to our room that helps us maintain body heat.

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