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6 tips to take advantage of your home space

If you are going to buy a home or you are thinking of reforming the one you already have, but do not take off your head how you could gain real space (or at least Visual space), We have several tips that will help you. We encourage you to look for the one that best suits your lifestyle and your situation.

Diaphanous spaces and natural light

The loft homes They are very successful for people living alone or for couples without children. If this is your case, bet on diaphanous spaces, pull parties, let the greatest possible natural light and create visually clear spaces, without blind spots that only take dust.

Custom furniture

Once you have taken this step into account, it is convenient to think about the furniture. Custom furniture is very practical, comfortable and contribute to space. Without partitions you will have less furniture, therefore you will ensure that those you have adapt to your real needs.

The importance of cabinets

In case of families of three or more members, all will agree on the great importance of wardrove. There is nothing more overwhelming than a bedroom with a closet whose upper part stores junk or boxes. Do not think about it, make a custom -to -wall customer closet and even the roof. They have an immense capacity and the stay will look much more spacious.

For small houses, every centimeter counts. That is why we advise once again Custom furniture. What at first glance may seem expensive, it is not if one takes into account that taking full advantage of the spaces, we save in many accessories to store.

Take advantage of the stairs

A Bookstore under the window, a Low table With storage, Sofas with interior space Where to save blankets, an storage bank with Shoemaker, a folding table, even a custom furniture under the ladder if the house has two floors. If you are thinking of renewing that same staircase, there is a very intelligent and simple option: ask that each step has a drawer or lid, to use them as a small storage. Imagine everything that can fit, without wasting a centimeter, sure and outside the visual field.

Room "multipurpose"

If you love visits but it is not common multifunction zone. You can put a bed with a loft and a desk or storage furniture underneath. Other options are bunk beds with a nest bed or sheets for sheets, even a sofa bed.

Folding canapés

But of course, the great storage star in bedrooms are the Canapes. Imagine what you can keep in almost four square meters of space, which you can also access with a single movement or leave it hidden.

It is important to try to combine colors that transmit amplitude. Nothing better to combine with our Covers sommier than one Valentina Colcha in gray or a Lyon Colcha In Beig, Sabanas game VIP Cotton Beige or a Multipurpose Plaid They also in beige (or a raw plaid).

To create simple, relaxed and visually broad environments, try to take advantage of every corner. You will also appreciate it when cleaning, since from a simpler pass, you will get everything to be clean and tidy.

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