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6 tips for washing your cotton sheets

As with the clothes we wear on a day -to -day basis, the care of bedding is as important as the fact that it is comfortable. The cotton sheets Specifically, they have the peculiarity of becoming softer over time, as long as we take good care of them. It is very important to wash them correctly, and one of the first questions that arise when mentioning washing, is how often we should Wash our cotton sheets.

Usually, washing them once a week would be enough to guarantee that they have optimal hygiene, without breaking or worn out. Of course, this weekly washing must include the pillowcase, the Bajera sheet and the bedspread, since the three parts are in direct contact with our skin.

Cotton sheets

Keep in mind that while well -maintained cotton sheets become increasing that absorb sweat, as well as possible oils or creams that we use to take care of our skin. The only way to avoid it is to wash them regularly. It is important regardless of whether they are sheets of a more economical range or the highest quality.

Well, now we know how long it is convenient to wash our cotton sheets, but it is not only important to clean them. We will usually find the most important details regarding the washing of our sheets on their own label. No one as the manufacturer to know how to take better care of each fabric.

We have already talked about the different types of cotton: Right, curly and satin. Broadly speaking the care that we apply to a type of cotton will be worth another. A crucial point is the temperature and that can be washed or not. In our case, all the cotton sheets we offer in LLARTEXTIL They can be washed by machine.

Do you worry that your sheets are shielding how sometimes we buy a cotton shirt? This type of fabric has a greater tendency to shrink, so it is important to know what temperature we should wash it. If we use warm water or direct water, it could contract when drying. Apart from heat, children can harm and cause discoloration, as well as the appearance of balls. That is why the best option is to always opt for washed in cold water.

Cotton sheets

These are some basic details that must always be taken into account:

First, read the label

The first thing to do is make sure that the fabric is 100%cotton, since often when reading it we realize the confusion. It costs nothing to look at the corresponding label of our sheets, or in case we are going to acquire them, check the product description.

Prepare the washing well

Introduce the sheets alone in the washing machine, or in any case, combine them with some fabric of a similar color. If for any reason we have to mix it with other garments in the washing machine, you have to take special care of the zippers and the like, since they could get hooked on the sheets and spoil them. Likewise, if we don't load the washing machine too much. Otherwise the sheets will be more wrinkled.

Use adequate detergent

When washing our cotton sheets, the most recommended would be to use liquid detergent. And always remember that there is no need to use a lot. Not to pour more our sheets they will get cleaner or smell better.

Dry correctly the sheets

Regardless of the type of cotton, we can dry our sheets with the dryer. Of course, always selecting the low temperature option. If we chose a high temperature, we could make the tissue shrink, fold, wear out or end up forming balls. It is also highly recommended to use a fast drying cycle. Notes that are a bit wet when leaving? No problem! If they leave like this, no problem, they can hang and finish drying.

And of course, whenever we have the option to let them dry outdoors as soon as you get them out of the washing machine, it will be great. If we have space and time, this option is ideal.

Don Cotton French Set

How to remove stains from cotton sheets

Everything we have seen so far is great, but you also have to keep in mind what to do when our sheets are stained, and how to eliminate these spots without risk to damage them. An interesting option is to use natural products such as white vinegar or bicarbonate, adding one or the other when washing them, along with the detergent.

Try to avoid cleaning products that include chemicals that can damage or discolor our sheets. The bleach is not recommended, especially in the case of colored sheets, since it could leave us white or yellowish marks. In one case or another, if with any very difficult stain we had to resort to it, let's try whenever it is a boss without chlorine.

Store our cotton sheets

Another important consideration when preserving our cotton sheets to last as long as possible is to store them correctly. Cotton sheets usually have a longer life than the sheets of most other tissues. If we have several sheets of sheets to change them or for possible guests, neck is more to use protective bags to store them. Not only will they remain more protected from dust, mites, humidity and mold (lasting longer), but we can have our perfectly ordered sheets games, occupying less space.

We hope that with these simple tips you can enjoy as long as possible!

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