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5 Ways to clarify your skin ... while you sleep!

You believe it or not, the bedding with which you sleep every night can make a difference in the appearance of your skin.

Although some bedding game, pillows and comforters can originate everything, from acne to swollen bags under the eyes, others can reduce considerably wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Are you curious to know what types of bedding can help you improve your skin?

You're lucky!

From pillowcases 144 threads to cotton sheets 200 wires.

We present 5 essential element of bedding that will foster a healthier skin while you sleep.

100% cotton sheets

If you thought the sheets did not exist to combat acne, then it is time to erase everything preconceived. According to National Sleep Foundation, cotton savanas game allow a better air circulation, so it will produce less sweat in the skin and therefore a great prevention and elimination of grains while sleeping!

Even better, you do choose a game of pure cotton sheets with certification Oeko-Tex®, As the Oxford sheet set It would be the most optimal option, to ensure that there are no aggressive chemicals or dyes that can trigger an acne outbreak.

Pillow covers.

As we have said before, the importance of cotton in this topic is overwhelming. We must always reconsider the value of these practices before using innumerable dermatological products, always resorting to natural practices is essential for the Skin Care.

If you still do not know the powers of the cotton pillow covers to combat the finest lines, now it is the perfect time to learn.

Composed of soft natural fibers and tight tissue, dermatologists say that pure cotton pillow cover, such as the 180 -wire pillow case They can help your skin stay hydrated during the night, thus prevailing an inconceivable brightness throughout the day, in addition to reducing fine lines, wrinkles and, in some cases, acne shoots.

In summary: Sleep in a cotton pillow cover at night to wake up with a healthy and healthy appearance skin.

(Pillow case 90 / Pillow case 105 / Pillow case 135 / Pillow case 150 /180 pillow case)

Nordic comfort

New time news!: Your allergies can significantly affect your skin care.

You are allergic to dust mites or down filling, for some people, feathers can cause swelling, inflammation and even skin outbreaks.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, consider investing in a nordic recover to your measure, to prevent any skin outbreak during the night.


In the same way as feathers of feathers can cause allergy attacks that affect the skin, pillows stuffed with feathers can also do so.

Given the mites of dust and dirt that inevitably transports the air, their accumulation in bed pillows can produce swelling or inflammation in the skin, so it is very useful to look for alternatives such as the visco-elastic pillow.

Soft dertergent

Like the soap to clean the face, the detergent is a factor to consider for the skincare. If the sensitivity of your skin is high or you are simply prone to acne, do not neglect to use a natural detergent based on plants, to avoid unnecessary skin irritation and the accumulation of bacteria.

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