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22 ideas to decorate your bathroom

We are many who see in home decoration a way of evading and inspired. Who does not make illusion to decorate for the first time that empty space of the house where you begin to live? Or to redecorate one that is so seen and outdated that you begin to hate?

The appearance of social networks has led many decoration lovers to consult accounts such as Pinterest to inspire and nourish themselves with ideas to capture all these endearing environments in their own houses.

Although we do more ease to decorate the room, living room or kitchen, it implies a greater effort when it comes to the bathroom. It is one of the rooms that costs us the most because we usually see the bath as a functional and little use space. However, we tend to forget that this is one of the spaces that we must also take care of mainly because it is a very intimate place, in which we look for tranquility and harmony; Especially when we take a shower or a bath.

Some tips to give a renewed appearance to your bathroom:

That is why we propose a list of ideas to organize and decorate your bathroom:

The colors and bath style:

  1. If you have a small bathroom with little space, we recommend that the walls be white or a raw color. White brings light and will give you the feeling of amplitude.
  2. Use combinable colors with your bath paint in decorative objects that you use such as light colored wicker baskets and raw soaps.
  3. The mirrors give a feeling of amplitude in a bathroom, do not forget to include one in yours. You can use a smaller or large one. Look for a place where it fits without a discomfort: behind the door, above the stack or under the window.
  4. Create a uniform bath whose materials are in tune with space. The unit is created between different elements such as countertops, walls and tile -free ground, which for its stripes, separates the space more visually.
  5. If you are a bit more daring, we advise you to magazines one of the bathroom walls with paper to create a space with character.

Organization and storage:

  1. Minimalism always wins. Although it is inevitable not to accumulate too many things in small spaces, we must have enough time to select everything we need and what does not. What about, put it in boxes or baskets and guide them in the lodge of your house.
  2. Use glass screens to create diaphanous spaces without visual barriers.
  3. Wooden soils, parquet style are ideal for more rustic stays. However, depending on the use made, it can be damaged. Therefore, many people have changed this style for a rolled floor, which appears wood but is not. Your advantage? Much more resistant to blows, falls and humidity.
  4. Decorate the bathroom with pleasure and simplicity. Use plates on the wall with inspiring phrases or with dream landscapes.
  5. Will you worship plants? Use small vases with these living beings or olive twigs. You will give that natural and unique touch to your bathroom.

Lighting and space:

  1. Lighting also plays a very important role. The use of halogens whose intensity of light is excessive is increasingly reducing. Currently, the most demanded lighting are hanging lamps or adjustable leads. In this way a relaxed and dim environment is recreated.
  2. If on the contrary, you are lucky that your bathroom has a window, it will provide you with all the light you need, so you will also reduce in electricity and win in well -being.
  3. But if you want to recreate a more relaxing natural light space, you can regulate the Estor Noche and White Day and let the amount of light you want to enter the bathrooms.
  4. Use floating furniture, those that are suspended in the air. It will reduce the visual load of your bathroom and save in space.
  5. We advise you a square and large sink where you can store your creams and, cleaning products in the corners without taking too much space.
  6. If your bath is especially small, choose your custom furniture. In this way you will be right both in materials and in size of them, adapting them 100% to the space you have.
  7. If you have enough space, bet on bathtub instead of shower plate. This gives a chic touch to the bathroom and you can use it to give relaxing sparkling baths.
    Textiles and diffusers:
  8. Textiles become especially important when decorating your bathroom. There are those who prefer to use those of a color similar to the one we use in the room. We recommend that your Bathroom towels and bathrooms are of different color to highlight. In textile we have Full bath towel set such as Don Strawberry Spike Cotton, perfectly combinable with a raw bath. The same thing happens with the BATHROLLAS PACK MILCOLORS 400GRAMOS AZAFATA. Give your bath that different touch that you deserve.
  9. As an extra advice, never let the towels and Albornoces. To dry the latter, we advise you to do it in a radiator - hanger or on a decorative staircase, very fashionable in current homes.
  10. Storage: Keep your textiles in boxes that are in sight on shelves and combine with the space we have created. You can also save them in drawers or cabinets.
  11. Pay attention to the safety of your bath. This never has to go independently to decoration. To avoid a fall or slip when leaving the shower, use sliding carpets such as Shagy Lisa Earth Carpet.
  12. Do you like your bathroom smelling well? Then don't forget to use the Home Ambient of textile llar. We have from Mediterranean fragrances to Aromas diffuser strongest such as vitalus and Prunum. Also candles and soaps, ideal to finish relaxing.

If you follow these tips you will get your bathroom to be a really pleasant space as a relaxing. Put these ideas in motion!

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