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4 tips for a minimalist decoration

The minimalism It is a trend that proposes to decorate making use of the minimum of possible elements, trying to reduce everything to the most basic, essential and essential. There are more and more people attracted to this trend, so today we are going to leave you with some brief tips to achieve a minimalist decoration in our home.

Minimalist decoration: clearing the walls of the house

Do we have any pictures or photography that we have hung by commitment? It may be because it was a gift that they made to us, or perhaps because it is a family memory that, being honest, does not even excite us. If so, be it! We are going to clear the walls of our house. You have to lose fear of leaving an empty space, since it is usually preferable to leave it thus "fill out by filling."

And let's not forget that in terms of colors, white is always a timeless color.

Minimalist decoration

Minimalist decoration: Donate the clothes and home textile that you do not use

Nor do we have to be afraid when we get rid of what we really don't use. Too often we keep clothes and textiles for the home that we never use, or practically ever. We must not fear the fact of renewing our textiles for those who are really practical and useful. If we have not used something for months (or maybe even years!), We have to be realistic and assess whether we will use it again. And in the case of not being so, the time may have come to donate it to people who need it and give them a second life.

Minimalist decoration: minimalism in the kitchen

We cannot pretend to adopt a minimalist style without also applying it in our kitchen. And there is nothing more overwhelming than trying to cook in a kitchen whose countertop is crowded with utensils and small appliances that, in the general daily life, are not used. You have to be practical and as with the clothing or home clothes, get rid of everything we do not usually use.

We often buy new junk with the premise that they will make our life more bearable or healthy, but at the time of truth we just use a couple of times. So it can be hard, but the only way to get our purpose is to undo and avoid buying more pots.

Minimalist decoration

And as for those who do not usually use often, but still we use them at certain times (special occasions, family dinners ...), at least we are going to do everything possible to have them well stored and ordered, avoiding That they are in sight. Remember that it is not for others, it is something we do for ourselves, to avoid the feeling of disorder.

Minimalist decoration: minimalism in the bathroom

We have already talked about the kitchen, but it is possible that the bathroom is an even more complicated point when it comes to a truly minimalist decoration. Especially depending on the number of people living in the same house and using it. But there are no excuses when applying this style for our home in May.

In the event that we will change the furniture, it would be very interesting to choose to give priority and prominence to furniture with large drawers, which allow us to keep everything we do not want to have in sight but that we really need. This would be the ideal place to store towels of remove and put, shampoo, lotions, soap, creams ...

Remember, everything is reduced to the most practical! Let's be practical and do not complicate our lives with what we do not need. It is surprising the ability of these little changes at home to transmit peace and serenity.

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